turning a visibly diverse group into a high-performing team is challenging

90% of strategies fail because people think and behave differently (HBR, 2022)
Most people use 10% of their personality, 90% is waiting to be unlocked (DSD, 2018)
A lack of appropriate management skills makes employees 400% more likely to quit (TP, 2024)
81% of employees are seeking new employment (HR stats, 2024)
The world has changed so much that we can send a Tesla to space for fun, but companies cannot improve engagement scores, indeed, they are back to the level where they were 10 years ago, while we know that in 7 years, there is going to be a global shortage of 85 million employees. Trying harder and spending more on the same, often outdated solutions is the opposite of future-proofing businesses.
There is a better way

Uncommon sense in unusual times

Relying on common sense and good intention to lead, serve or work with people is responsible for 60-80% of all problems in organisations. Diversity is the greatest asset or liability depending on how much people understand themselves and others who think and behave differently.

Most companies use intercultural, leadership and behavioural models created in the 70s and 80s based on the data collected before the internet, EU and cheap flights completely changed the business world. ICQ Global provides modern, internationally accredited, multi award-winning solutions for the new challenges of leadership and teamwork last century tools are not designed for.

Raise your standards

Keeping and attracting the best people is just going to get even harder. Investing in leadership programs without measuring their impact on those who matter the most, their team, is like making tea with cold water. Most of the potential is lost. Talking about psychological safety is not going to create it, just like trying to motivate others based on what we like and need is going to backfire majestically, too.
There is a better way

Driven by data, rooted in science

AI is not going to develop great leaders or build high-performing teams, but it can certainly contribute to their growth or decline. ICQ Global is aiming to address this by providing innovative, data-driven solutions to measure and optimise psychological safety, cognitive diversity and motivational drivers, the 3 invisible forces that make or break leaders, teams and companies.
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Recommended by leading experts

“Global DISC is a powerful tool for Intelligent Leaders to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage, to enable trust and to build high-performing teams at home and globally.” 
John Mattone, the #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership and the World’s Top Executive Coach, Steve Jobs’ former coach

“Bridging the gap between our intention and the actual impact on others is the foundation of great leadership. Global DISC makes this process clear and highly actionable.”
Marshall Goldsmith – Only two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the world.

“The Platinum Rule® model spans all cultures BUT it is important to remember that people around the world are socialized into a certain preferred way of behaving and The Global DISC model explains why. It is a practical framework based on the most researched cross-cultural models to explain how national, cultural values and beliefs shape our behavior.”
Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule®, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, Top 50 marketing expert in the world

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