Leadership is about unlocking the potential within and between people

90% of strategies fail because people think and behave differently (HBR, 2015)
Most people use 10% of their personality, 90% is waiting to be unlocked (DSD, 2018)
79% of potential is lost in a team due to interaction gap (3circle Partners, 2016)
89% of new hires leave within 18 months due to culture fit issues (LeadershipIQ, 2016)


OVer 90% of companies use people solutions created in the 70s and 80s based on the data collected before the internet, EU and cheap flights completely changed the business world. They spend a fortune on recruiting smart people hoping to create synergy by combining their skills, but in reality, 79% of performance gets lost when different values and personalities clash under poor leadership. Our 21st century, multi award-winning Global DISC™ and Intelligent Global Leadership™ programs address all 3 root causes as they stem from the same source, the lack of understanding of why people think and behave differently.

level up your mindset

Why do you clash with someone but connect with others?

Find out about the real reasons and proven strategies to turn them to your advantage

Unlock your potential

ICQ Global combined the practicality of the DISC model with the latest psychological insights of global mindset to create the most powerful tool to bring out the best in your team without having to heavily invest time and money. Global mindset (ICQ) is not simply the knowledge of statistically average national traits, but the ability to see a situation from different perspectives so we can make better decisions and respond accordingly instead of just reacting. The ICFaccredited portfolio is available through our global network of partners who have already served Fortune 500 companies, national governments and local businesses.

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