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Embinghaus Effect


After training courses, only 20% of people actually apply anything of what they’ve learnt and they remember around 5% of it after 30 days. Why is it so hard to remember?

Because we are all habit machines. Habits save us energy, because they don’t consume much brain power. Some habits and unconscious biases are useful and they save us time, but they can  limit our success. Intelligent Global Leadership is about unlocking our full potential:




  • Most of us only use 1/10 of our personality. 90% is waiting to be unlocked.
  • On average, people only use 22% of their potential behaviours.
  • The brain is 2% of our body weight but uses 20% of our energy resources. No wonder we are drawn to habits to conserve brain power. (statistics from DSD, 2016)

The problem is that we get comfortable with the behaviours we know well and we tend to react the same way even if it does not get us the best result.  Behavioural flexibility is about having both sides of the same behaviour and communication style so we have more choice over how we respond to different situations. We get inspired by a speech or workshop and then we go on exactly as before. Unless you start your Quest…

Global DISC QUEST™ – Learn through experience, not theory

The Global DISC QUEST™  is an interactive coaching platform with 3 levels and 21 missions designed for each personality type. This is not a boring online course, everything happens in real life. Each mission is going to push you out of your comfort zone just a little bit more..

A word of advice…if you want to get the most out of this program, treat it like the fight club…rule #1…don’t tell anyone that you are doing it. Let people be surprised by your actions, make it as real as possible. The goal is not to tick the boxes and power through the quest, but to enjoy the ride, get to know yourself and unlock the amazing potential you have!

Level 1

Piece of cake
You are going to have 7 relatively easy missions on this level, each of them getting a bit more challenging.

Level 2
Pushing the limits
This level has 7 missions as well, some of which are going to push your buttons. The good news is that by the time you finish Level 1, you are going to be ready for this one.
Level 3
These 7 missions are going to keep you out of your already expanded comfort zone and you will be able to test all the new skills you have acquired during this journey. Wait until you see the last one…;-)

One of the most difficult questions HR professionals and CEOs ask trainers and coaches is “How can you make sure participants can apply what they learned at your workshop without trying to sell more coaching sessions?” Quest is the answer…a 3 months program designed to significantly expand their comfort zone while they can turn the theory into practical skills.

Stand out from the crowd by offering the only post-globalisation solution for your clients to help them produce measurable and repeatable results for individuals, groups, and organisations.

How can this ICF  accredited qualification can give you twice as much money as you invest in it?


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