About us

Most people go to work they cannot stand to fund a life they don’t love. Friction with people who think and behave differently drives them crazy and friction with themselves drains them to the point where they would rather be distracted by anything than take responsibility for their own growth.

Our goal is to help people get along with themselves and others so they can replace the illusion of superiority and separation with the power of curiosity and synergy. The more they understand themselves and the ones around them, the more energy and clarity they have to create what they want instead of fighting what they don’t.

ICQ Global is a diverse community of partners in 30 countries and the philosophy behind it, the Uncommon Mindset brings us together. Despite all the personal and professional challenges, complexities, differences and opportunities we face as groups and individuals, we have an opportunity to find ways to level up together.

We are defined by the vision of a future where people know who they are, what they stand for and even like themselves so they do not need to bully anyone to feel important or hide to feel safe. They are blissfully dissatisfied as they truly appreciate what they have while striving for being and doing better.


csaba-toth My name is Csaba Toth, I am the founder of ICQ Global and the developer of the multi award-winning, ICF accredited Global DISC model. My first business was the largest restaurant booking website in the UK. I had 2 masters degrees, great ideas, passion,  years of experience, the perfect recipe for success, right? Wrong… I lost it all because I thought speaking the same language, having common sense and good intention were enough to lead and serve people.

According to research, 85% of success is about people skills…how much we understand others and ourselves, yet most people focus on the other 15%. It is easy to fix technology, optimise processes, but it is insanely difficult to work with people.  It is like running under water. The harder we try, the more difficult it is.
I have  also worked with 100s of leaders ranging from executives of international companies to passionate start-up entrepreneurs who wanted to bring out the best in themselves and their teams.
ICQ Global is based on 2 principles:
– Giving partners as much value as possible so they can pass it onto their clients.
– Making the science of uncommon sense as practical and uncomplicated as possible so people can actually use it to turn their differences into synergy instead of painful liability.

Our mission is to work with a 1000 partners who train 1,000,000 leaders who would positively impact millions of people at home and at work.

90% of business is about interaction between people who have different needs, values and perspectives. The level of success depends on how well we understand and manage those dynamics.

If you would like to find out more, let me invite you for a free assessment and I guarantee…you will be surprised when you find out why you really do what you do…

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