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ICQ is committed to respecting your privacy – we take the protection of your personal data very seriously. This policy governs how we use the information you provide to us through the GlobalDISC assessments. We will only collect information from you through the Global DISC assessments with your permission, and in accordance with this policy.

Brief Summary of this Policy

When you complete the online Global DISC assessment, the information you provide is sent securely over the internet to our “Amazon AWS Europe” servers in the EU. We use this information to generate a Global DISC individual or team profile. Your Personal or Team Profile will be delivered to you by an ICQ accredited Practitioner during a workshop or personalised debriefing. The Accredited Practitioner is required not to share your Personal Profile with anyone else (including your employer or organisation) without your permission.

We do not sell personal data about anyone for any purpose.

In the remainder of the policy below, we explain in detail:

  • Who we are
  • What information we will collect from you
  • How we use the information you provide
  • Who has access to your data
  • Where your data is stored and how we keep it secure
  • Countries your data could be transferred to
  • How long we retain your data How to contact us about your personal data


Who We Are

ICQ Global Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom as company number 11394555. Our registered office is located at 7 Fleet Street, Flat 19, Brighton, BN1 4HD. ICQ is the “data controller” for all of the information you enter into the Global DISC assessments. The information you enter will be stored on our dedicated servers in the UK.

What information we will collect from you

Personal Details

Once you consent to this policy, the Global DISC assessment will ask you for the following mandatory “Personal Details”:


First Name and Family Name

Email address

You may also fill in the following optional fields (your Personal Profile will be exactly the same whether or not you choose to complete these fields):

Date of Birth

Job Title

Address, Town, Region/State, Post Code, Country

Telephone number

Preference Data

After you provide your Personal Details, you will be shown a series questions to assess your personal and cultural preferences. ICQ uses these answers (which we call your “Preference Data”) to generate your unique Personal Profile.

IP Address

Our servers will record the IP address of the computer you use to complete the Global DISC assessment. This information is only used to troubleshoot technical issues that might occur while you are using the Global DISC assessment, and to ensure the security and functioning of the website. We will keep a record of your IP address for no more than six months.

How we use the information you provide

ICQ will use the Personal Details you provide, together with your Preference Data, for the following purposes:

  • to generate your Personal Profile, and to provide a copy to you as part of a workshop or debriefing facilitated by an accredited Practitioner; and where your employer or organisation requests it, to provide them with the Team Report showing where your individual result and your colleagues’ sit in relation to each other.

Use of your data after your workshop/coaching session

After you have attended your workshop or debriefing, ICQ will keep your data on its secure servers, unless you request that we delete it. We use this data for the following purposes:

  • If you complete the Global DISC assessment again later, we can provide your previous Personal Profile(s) to you and the accredited Practitioner facilitating your next workshop or debriefing. This would let you see how your preferences might be changing over time.


  • We may request feedback from you, such as through client surveys. We may also send you further information and tips for getting the most from your Personal Profile as you use it in your ongoing learning and development.

Who has access to your data

To receive your Personal Profile, you must attend a workshop, personalised debriefing, and coaching session facilitated by an ICQ accredited Practitioner or you must have purchased the Global DISC assessment  directly online for your personal use. All ICQ accredited Practitioners are employees or consultants of either:

  • Employed by ICQ Global;
  • An independent licensed Distributor; or
  • the company or organisation that purchased the profile for you (this usually means the Practitioner is employed by your employer).

As a condition of keeping their ICQ accreditations, all ICQ accredited Practitioners are required to handle your personal data in strict confidence and in compliance with this policy. They will only share your information with others, including your colleagues and your employer, either (a) where it is explicitly permitted by this policy, or (b) if you give your explicit permission. During a workshop, you may be invited by the Practitioner to share information from your profile with the group. However, only you will decide whether to share your profile.

ICQ accredited Practitioners may have administrative assistants to help them in preparing to deliver your profile to you. We only permit these administrative assistants to handle your profile for the purpose of assisting the Practitioner, or to provide a copy directly to you.

If your employer or organisation requests a Team Report, then we will provide this. However, we will still not share your Personal Profile without your explicit permission.

We will never sell your personal information to anyone for any purposes, and we will not use your Personal Profile, Personal Details, or Preference Data for marketing purposes.

Where your data is stored and how we keep it secure

All data collected through the Global DISC assessment is transmitted securely over the internet using 256-bit TLS encryption protocols or better. The data is stored in the AWS  database, on secure servers demonstrating compliance with rigorous international standards, such as ISO 27001 for technical measures, ISO 27017 for cloud security, ISO 27018 for cloud privacy, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1, and EU-specific certifications such as BSI’s Common Cloud Computing Controls Catalogue (C5).

ICQ has implemented security policies, rules and technical measures that match or exceed industry-standard protocols to protect your data. These security measures are designed to prevent unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification, unlawful destruction and accidental loss.

ICQ does not store any financial data as all transactions are processed through PayPal and Stripe.

Countries your data could be transferred to

ICQ provides products and services to customers around the world. However, we will store your Preference Data and Personal Profiles in our data centre in the Europe. We will only transfer your data outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”) in the following situations:

  • you are outside the EEA and we are transferring your data to you; or
  • we are transferring your data to a Practitioner who is assigned to deliver your data to you, and the practitioner is required by contract to handle the personal data in strict compliance with this policy and with the General Data Protection Regulation (being Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council [2016] OJ L119/1).

ICQ observes the same high standards of data protection everywhere that it operates, even where the local law might be less strict.


The website, online platform including all the data and intellectual property owned by ICQ Global are insured by Hiscox against corporate legal liability, Cyber crime, professional indemnity for coaching, training and education up to £5 million to ensure full protection against criminal activity and full prosecution of those who breach any terms and conditions including copyrights.

How long we retain your data

ICQ will only keep data for as long as necessary to meet these purposes. At your request, we will delete your personal data from our records. Requests for deletion of your personal data should be sent to our Data Protection Officer by email (csaba@icq.global) or at the postal address at the end of this policy.

How to contact us about your personal data

For any queries relating to this policy, please contact:

The Data Protection Officer

7 Fleet Street, flat 19


East Sussex


United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7898794289

E-mail: csaba@icq.global

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