Diversity and Inclusion


In simple terms, diversity is the mix that creates value; inclusion is getting the mix to work well together.”
RBC Diversity Blueprint™ Report

We are stepping into a new era, where diversity has become unavoidable. Globalization, technology and a completely new way of thinking about jobs and work are reshaping the way we do business. Organizations and teams are formed by individuals belonging to a large number of cultures: national, ethnic, age, and gender. The result is a network of diverse groups of people with very different values and beliefs, which translate into very different ways of communicating and establishing professional relationships. 

Simply hiring a diverse pool of employees does not in itself yield better results. In fact, chances are productivity decreases because of issues like:

  • Unconscious Bias.
  • Lack of understanding how Cultural Values & Beliefs affect communication and business interactions. 
  • Lack of appropriate Culture Metrics & Tools, which allow employees to develop and achieve their full potential.

21st Century solutions for 21st Century problems

Diversity is the potential. But it is in the Inclusion what maximizes your ROI. 
ICQ Consulting has the knowledge, skills and expertise to assist your organization or team to:

  • Turn diversity and inclusion into a business strategy.
  • Raise the value of both your business and your people.
  • Use intercultural intelligence metrics and data to optimize the professional relationships within your organizations.

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