Employees are your most important competitive advantage

Anybody can sell on Amazon, outsource manufacturing to China, IT support to India, and call centers to Costa Rica. Because of that your  biggest competitive advantage could be your employee force.

Employee Engagement is at a 30% all time low, costing US companies hundreds of billion$ in lost productivity and sales.

Only about 10% of a person's values and behavior can be observed by the untrained eye, and is harder to do based on a 30 minute interview. 

Is it becoming easier or harder, to hire the right candidate for your team?

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost your company tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars because of.

  • Reputation and Customer Satisfaction Problems
  • Reduced Employee Performance
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Employee Morale

INC - The real cost of hiring the wrong employee
Entrepreneur - What really happens when you hire the wrong candidate

The worst part is that this has already happened at an international event.
  Click here to see a real life example of what happens in real life?

Turning the Art of Hiring into the Science of Hiring

In the age of big data, candidates research you and your company even before they show up for the interview. Wouldn't you like to be able to research them as well?

From employee assessments and succession planning, to leadership development and organizational culture, our solutions have helped companies that range from Small and Medium Business, to Fortune 500 global enterprises.

We can help you make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter, increasing HR efficiency, developing a cohesive organizational culture, improving employee engagement, and contributing to the overall success of your company.

Our 4R* employee assessment solutions can help you:

  • Match and rank candidates to the specific job in your organization
  • Develop a comprehensive company wide succession plan
  • Screen-out unsuitable job candidates
  • Reduce hiring and turnover costs

* Right Candidate | Right Job | Right Team | Right Time

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"Our company gets a great return on the investment from using employee assessments. We found the products crucial in helping us promote retention and increase productivity"

- Sun Life Financial

Today's Human Resource executives are constantly challenged by the need to balance the demmands of managing a more diverse and inclusive workforce, with the need to become more "productive" on their roles.

Our employee assessments solutions can help you improve your HR efficiency by allowing you to quickly and accurately identify and measure how does a candidate compares to your organizational culture.

We can help you choose:

  • The Right Candidate for

  • The Right Job on

  • The Right Team at

  • The Right Time

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