Individual intelligence is no longer enough; the only way to tackle complex problems is to harness the power of COGNITIVE DIVERSITY and CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE in a PSYCHOLOGICALLY SAFE environment.

Cultural differences are clashes of common senses. 8 out of 9 skills and mindsets are directly linked to how much people understand themselves and others.

60-80% of all problems in a company are due to clash of values, personalities and leadership challenges.

They stem from the same source, the lack of understanding of why people think and behave differently and how to turn those differences into synergy instead of painful liability.

ICQ addresses the root cause of this challenge by developing the ability to see the same situation from different perspectives to be able to make better decisions and  choose to respond instead of just reacting.

Over 90% companies use solutions based on data from the 70s and 80s designed for the challenges of people who grew up without internet, EU and cheap flights. The results they deliver jeopardies their success more than they might realise.

– 89% of hiring failures within the first 18 months are due to a poor cultural fit. Only 11% are due to lack of skills. (LeadershipIQ, 2016)

– 75% of employees leave managers, not companies (Gallup, 2016)

– 79% of potential in a team is lost due to interaction gap (3circlepartners, 2016)

– 89% of CEOs KNOW that addressing leadership, culture and engagement are the most urgent priorities. (Deloitte, 2016)

– The most disengaged layer of a company is middle-management. (Gallup, 2017)

– 80% of CEOs believe their customer service is outstanding, 92% of customers disagree with them (Salesforce, 2017)

– 86% of leaders see themselves as inspiring, 82% of employees think they are not. (McKinsey, 2016)

– 70% of leaders believe they are in the top 10% (Marshall Goldsmith)

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