Cultural Intelligence explained very, very simply…

Have you ever felt frustrated, confused and shocked by your teenager children? Their point of view was so different that you questioned their sanity or if they talked about the same topic?

Did it make you stressed? Did it create tension in the family even if other members were not involved directly? Did it ruin happy times and you did not even feel like going home sometimes?

We can blame the hormones as well, but one of the main reasons is that they have different values and attitudes based on their own knowledge, experience and personality type…they can’t see the world from your perspective and their perception is their reality…yours is yours. 

They are passionate about defending their own point of view, just like you, and they know they are right, just like you! Nobody can understand how come the other person does not see something so obvious! 

Dealing with this type of situation assuming that they can be convinced, motivated and disciplined  by the same things you are motivated and influenced by can be surprisingly wrong.

They just do not work, indeed, they can completely backfire and they make the situation worse.

Very similar issues emerge in a diverse team  and it is even worse when different nationalities and generations have to work together. The frustration is the same and the reason is very similar. Without a certain amount of knowledge and experience the other person has, the gap of understanding  is too big to close..

This is where common sense is not enough, cultural intelligence becomes crucial…it allows you to understand how their cultural background and personality type shape their perception and communication style. The fact is that the quality of your life is in direct proportion with the quality of your relationship with others.

The lucky thing is that you do not need to wait years to catch up with your employees or partners from different generations and cultures to understand them. There is a scientific framework which can explain why people think and act the way they do…it can even show you how to adapt your style and deliver your message in a way that it gets through to them so they feel motivated and productive. 

If you are a business person, manager or you face customers every day, Cultural Intelligence  can make your life easier by avoiding unnecessary frustration and accelerating your career in a globalised world.

If you do not want to experience the same kind of tension at work which is also directly affecting your health and profit,  get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to and we would love to talk to you.

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Csaba Toth

Founder at ICQ Global
Author of Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times, developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC model
Csaba Toth
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