Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times book has been published!

Finally! The book has been published and it available on Amazon.


Have you ever felt that you were talking to someone and the other person had no common sense at all? No matter how hard you tried to explain your point of view, it seemed you were talking about a completely different situation. Most of us have experienced this frustration and seemingly pointless uphill battle.
Have you ever considered that the other side had exactly the same feeling about you, but for a different reason?
I lost my first business and ruined friendships because I used to think that speaking the same language, having common sense and good intentions, would be enough to get along with others. I was wrong.
Just like most people who don’t change until it hurts enough, I waited for that personal and professional slap in the face to embark on my mission to find out why people think, feel, and behave so differently; and how we can turn those differences into synergy.
There are plenty of books and online courses about cultural intelligence, personal and leadership development. They tend to be informative but rarely transformative as knowledge without practice is like a teabag without hot water, potential waiting to be released.
But in this hybrid book, every chapter is fully integrated with an interactive coaching platform to challenge your views on concepts you might have taken for granted and stretch your comfort zone to a point where life is going to make much more sense in these unusual times.


“Csaba has put together valuable insights to equip readers with a solid foundation and practical tools to master people — the most important asset of our businesses. Whether we are enhancing individual, team or organisational performance, this book provides the framework to make things happen in the most effective and efficient way possible.”

Tinette Cortes – CEO of ConsultAsia Global

Global DISC is a powerful tool for Intelligent Leaders to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage, to enable trust and to build high-performing teams at home and globally.”

– John Mattone, the #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership and the World’s Top Executive Coach, Steve Jobs’ former coach

“Bridging the gap between our intention and the actual impact on others is the foundation of great leadership. Global DISC makes this process clear and highly actionable.”

Marshall Goldsmith – Only two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the world.

“The book is very interesting and as I read it reminds me the excitement of reading Tim Ferriss’s 4-hour work week book.”

Svetana Jordanova – Business Development and leadership coach

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Csaba Toth

Founder at ICQ Global
Author of Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times, developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC model
Csaba Toth
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